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      Tel:+86-153 0637 1398  mob:+86-150 6947 0992  fax:+86-632-3975128  skype:silvermirror02   Whatsapp: +86-15069470992


      Group introduction

      Group introduction

                                                                               Company Profile                                                                     


        Our group is one of the leader glass and mirror producers in China.The group consists of 3 companies.


                                 SHANDONG KUNYUE GLASS TECNOLOGY CO.,LTD                   

      located in Glass Industrial Base,Longyang town, Tengzhou city, Shandong province, China, 

      Specialized in manufacturing & exporting aluminium mirror, silver mirror, tinted mirror, back painted glass, copper&lead free mirror, safety mirror, and laminated glass.

      We have 3 aluminium mirror lines and 2 silver mirror lines and 1 laminated glass line.


                             TENGZHOU KUNYUE GLASS TECONOLOGY CO.,LTD                   

      located in Glass Industrial Base Tengzhou  city, Shandong province, China, 

      specialized in manufacturing & exporting high quality pattern glass, toughened glass, hollow glass, curved tempered glass, laminated glass, armoured glass,  fireproof glass, reflective glass, low-e glass etc.

                    TENGZHOU KUNYUE MIRROR & DESIGNED GLASS CO.,LTD             

      located in modern glass industrial base, Tengzhou city, Shandong, China, 

      We have a production line of ice - coated titanium pickling.there are a series of professional equipments for the glass & mirror deep processing, such as cutting, edge polishing, edge beveling, 

      we can do any kinds of size based on customer requires.



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